Still from Cry-Baby

Cry-Baby (1990)

What editions are available?

  • Theatrical Cut (85 min.)
  • Director’s Cut (91 min.)

John Waters’ Cry-Baby didn’t fare well at the box office in 1990 but has large cult following today. The film was released on DVD in 2005 in a new director’s cut which included new songs. The theatrical cut is available on Blu-ray but no sign of the director’s cut. On the commentary track for the director’s cut, Waters says the following midway through the movie:

“We put in some numbers that we took out, because I guess we thought it was to long at the time. To make it shorter and shorter.  And, actually, looking back on it, it hurt it in some ways.”

Source: John Waters commentary track for Cry-Baby on DVD

The director’s preferred edition: Director’s Cut

Comparison of the editions with courtesy of

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