Still from Miami Vice

Miami Vice (2006)

What editions are available?

  • Theatrical (132 min.)
  • Unrated Director’s Cut (139 min.)

Michael Mann’s 2006 revitalization of the 80’s TV show Miami Vice is one of the director’s lesser films. The film did not really have any actual connection to the TV show other than the famous name, the two main characters names, and occupation as police officers in Miami. No pet crocodile or white suits.

The theatrical cut of Miami Vice was released on DVD in US and on Blu-ray in Europe. The unrated director’s cut (dubbed as Unrated Director’s Edition) is available on DVD and Blu-ray in the US. In the beginning of the commentary on the unrated director’s cut Mann says the following:

“This edition of the movie is referred to as the director’s cut, its really a misnomer, not really the director’s cut because the theatrical version is also the director’s cut. So the proper term for this is probably the director’s extended version of the film, although it’s not really an extension of it. It’s not just longer, it’s different, there are some shots there has been taken out and some other pieces that have been added, so if you like the proper term for this probably the director’s revision a-month-and-a-half or two-months after he released the picture. And it’s more extensive but not really extended.”

Source: Michael Mann’s commentary on Miami Vice on Blu-ray/DVD

The director’s preferred edition: Unrated Director’s Cut

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