Still from The Expendables

The Expendables (2010)

What editions are available?

  • Theatrical (103 min.)
  • Extended Director’s Cut (113 min.)

Sylvester Stallone’s action extravaganza The Expendables was definitely a blast from the past packed with 80’s action dinosaurs in large and small roles. The theatrical cut was released on DVD and Blu-ray with an extended director’s cut to be released later on. The extended director’s cut is available on Blu-ray in the US and UK.

In an introduction on the extended director’s cut Stallone welcomes viewers and talks about the new cut:

“Hi, how are you doing? Sylvester Stallone from the set of The Expendables 2. I’d like to introduce the director’s cut of The Expendables. And I’m very proud to say that I think the cut is better than the theatrical cut because it has more content and more heart. And that’s what the original concept is. It’s a great pleasure to be able to present it to you, so I hope you guys love it as much as I loved making it.”

Source: Introduction by Sylvester Stallone on The Expendables Extended Director’s Cut Blu-ray

The director’s preferred edition: Extended Director’s Cut

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