E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

What editions are available?

  • Theatrical (115 min.)
  • 20th Anniversary Edition (120 min.)

The sci-fi classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was re-released in theaters on its 20th Anniversary in 2002 with extra footage with blessing from Steven Spielberg. Not only was the new edition longer it also had altered special effects. Fans were outraged by Spielberg’s decision and later he said he regretted those changes.

“When people ask me which E.T. they should look at, I always tell them to look at the original 1982 E.T.” said Spielberg in an interview with Ain’t It Cool News. “If you notice, when we did put out E.T. we put out two E.T.s. We put out the digitally enhanced version with the additional scenes and for no extra money, in the same package, we put out the original ‘82 version. I always tell people to go back to the ’82 version.”

Source: AintItCoolNews.com

The director’s preferred edition: Theatrical

Comparison of the editions with courtesy of Movie-Censorship.com

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